Dan Bullock

Daniel Bullock, M.S., M.P.A.
Senior Consultant
Project Roles:
Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy, and Cogeneration Project Assessment and Analysis including Technology Assessment, Feasibility Analysis, Configuration and Equipment Optimization, Project Management, Permitting, Ancillary Services Assessment, Energy Efficiency Assessment and Implementation, Policy Analysis and Development, Business Development

A UT Austin Senior Manager and Scientist, Dan Bullock has broad depth in an energy efficiency, supply, technology and sustainable development. Recent focus has been on in LED lighting, distributed generation, and combined heat and power (DG/CHP) project development. Prior focus has included fuel cells and advanced clean energy projects.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Penn State University
Masters of Science in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Masters of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

Professional Positions
BTM Solutions – Senior Consultant. Assignments include project analysis, development, and management of multiple small-scale cogeneration projects targeting small industrial, commercial, and multi-family properties. Developed behind-the-meter energy strategies for clients including energy efficiency, on-site power, and utility program participation. Implemented energy monitoring strategies for utility cost minimization and to achieve corporate sustainability goals.

Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) – Senior Scientist. Created, managed, and directed numerous programs assessing advanced clean energy technologies, including fuel cells, carbon nanotubes, multi-junction PV cells, ultra-capacitors, Li-ion batteries, advanced catalysts, and related energy technologies incorporating nanotechnologies. Directed the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Center, which undertook numerous feasibility studies and project assessments of cogeneration, waste heat to power, and other on-site power projects. Developed go-to market strategies for advanced and emerging technologies including organic Rankine cycle heat to power technology and led education and outreach program to enhance market acceptance of advanced technologies.

U.S. Windpower/Kenetech – Project Developer. Member of a three-person team developing the Delaware Mountain Wind Farm, which was the first commercial wind farm in Texas completed in 1994. This 35MW project in far west Texas required a 20 mile 138kV transmission to interconnect with ERCOT. Responsibilities included leadership and negotiations in many aspects of the project, including utility relations, road siting and construction, bird population and migration studies, and landowner relations.

Synergistic Activities
Co-Founder and past Board Member of the Texas CHP Initiative.
Past Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Gulf Coast Clean Energy Application Center.